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OKM-58AT Okurma Exhaust Fan

OKM-58AT Okurma Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is design in a unique way, the components can be remove easily and it is made out of durable materials.

Extra Description

  • 58" SMC exhaust fan
  • RPM: 560
  • Air flow up to 52,000m³/hour
  • SMC Housing with interior glossy for high output performance & low maintenance costs.
  • Design provides excellent performance without cone
  • Power supply : 415V, 50HZ, 1.5 HP
  • Run without belt, able to reduce the maintenance costs and improve your work efficiently.

Product Description



  • Voltage: 415V/3FA.50HZ
  • Power: 1.5HP
  • RPM: 560
  • Max. Airflow: 52,000 M3/H
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Dimension: 1460x1460x580mm
  • Noise: <78DB only
  • Impeller Size: 1260mm


  • Patented design appearance, the product uses unique technology to provide strong wind and low operation noice.
  • The blades are created by a special technology, the shape of the blade are design to provide best results and angle of the blades can be adjusted by the client.
  • The shield is made of advanced SMC molding with smooth and compact surface without micro-holes, easy cleaning and cost saving.
  • It has good impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and it can last for 20 years and above
  • The patented motor bracket is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is anti-corrosion and has lowest wind resistance readings, simple installation, convenient maintenance
  • A new type of enclosed aluminum alloy motor, which runs better than traditional models, guarantee long-term usage.
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Copyright © 2021 by Okurma. All rights reserved.
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