About Us

    Since establishment, our company has always adhered to high standards for product quality and excellent customer service. Our ventilation and cooling systems have not only enabled many companies to successfully meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but most importantly, their employees enjoy working in a very comfortable environment, therefore tremendously improving their quality of work.

    These companies include glove industry, catering industry, food industry, furniture industry, clothing industry, automobile assembly and manufacturing, etc.

    Our ventilation and cooling systems quality control is under strict scientific verification. This is our commitment to customers and our efforts in environmental protection.
      About Us
    Vision & Mission

    Our Vision  Our Vision

    • To expand our one-stop ventilation solutions to South-East Asia industries, commercials and households and we hope to be known as the best and most innovative ventilation and cooling system company.
    • In the field of industrial, commercial and household ventilation and cooling system, we maintain our high quality services as we promise, and therefore it shall be widely recognized as the most trusted brand in Southeast Asia.

    Our Mission  Our Mission

    • Regardless of the weather or temperature, to provide our clients with ultimate comfort indoor environment through creating and maintaining the room temperature at the ultimate level.
    • To satisfy commercial and industrial clients’ needs, we tailor made our system to their buildings enabling them to achieve the air ventilation and cooling comfort level they needed.
    • Providing comfort and ease for working or living environments.
    • Achieve energy and cost savings guarantee, at the same time prevent global warming.
    • By using high efficiency system to minimize electricity cost and no pollution will be created.
    Our Core Value

    Our Core Value

    Sincere Cooperation   Value-added Services   Continuous improvements, Team Work
    Sincere Cooperation   Value-added Services   Continuous improvements, Team Work