Technical Concept

    Professional Solution for Heat, Dust and Smoke

    - Exhaust Fan System

    By using negative pressure ventilation system, fresh air can be imported into a factory within 30 seconds to 1 minute. At the same time, it can achieve cool and comfortable feeling according to required wind speed. Its cooling, ventilation and exhaust effect can reach 90-97%.

    According to scientific research to date at current international level, negative pressure ventilation system is the best solution for elimination of sultry heat, smoke, smell, exhaust gas and dust in the factory. It is energy saving and economical investment.
      Exhaust Fan System
    Exhaust Fan System
    Cooling Pad System  

    Professional Air Quality Solution

    – Cooling Pad System

    The room will be sealed, a cooling pad will be installed at one end, at the other end an Exhaust Cone Fan will take place. Hot air will be exhausted by the exhaust fan from the factory forming a negative pressure effect, water molecules of the cooling pad decompose heat from the sun when air passes through from outside the factory, cool water vapor will flow into the factory to increase humidity of the air and reduce the room temperature, thereby creating a cool and comfortable working environment. The system can maintain room temperature between 26 to 29°C. Air will constantly re-circulate indoor and outdoor, moreover oxygen content will increase in the air.
    Cooling Pad System

    Professional Ventilation Solution

    – Cooling Machine System

    The cooling machine is simply a combination of a fan and a cooling pad. We name it “Positive Pressure System”, its core is the “cooling pad”, and it can reduce 5-7 ° C without any air compressor, chiller, nor copper-free tube. It is an environmental friendly and energy saving product.
      Cooling Machine System
    Cooling Machine System   Cooling Machine System
    Floorplan   Side View

    Professional solution for ventilation in medium or
    large commercial space – Industrial Super Fan System

    Industrial Super Fan System   Industrial Super Fan System
    In order to achieve cooling effect, our professional designers combine the high efficiency, energy saving motor and extra large fan blades to enable even indoor air mixture. When comparing to traditional industrial fan, its cooling effect is very competitive. Therefore, it is definitely the first ventilation choice for warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls and etc.