Effective Ventilation System Improve Productivity

    Effective Ventilation System Improve Productivity

    “J.K. Wire Harness is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wire harness for automobiles in Malaysia. It has been cooperating with Tarmah Ventilation System Manufacturer since 2004. This pay credits to their system which is able to reduce our factory floor temperature by 3-6 °C. Moreover, the technology that they engage is environmental friendly.

    After the improvement of our working environment, our productivity, attendance and product yield has been improved as well.

    Therefore, we have installed their system in all 11 JKWH production factories situated in Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat and Tapah.

    We are glad to know that OKURMA has been continuously improving their services, system design, product technologies, quality of products, installation work and product power consumption.”


    Mr. Huang

    (Chief Operation Officer at J.K. Wire Harness Sdn Bhd)
    Environmental Improvement and Energy Saving

    Environmental Improvement and Energy Saving

    “As we know Top Glove is the world largest glove manufacturer and curing is a part of our process.

    During the process, heat will be released from the side of the oven causing temperature increment at production line.

    My team has been complaining regarding the drastic heat in the production line.

    I have been seeking for heat reduction and air circulation system solution for our production line. Fortunately, I come across OKURMA, as I liaise with Ms. SHIRE LI , she introduce me to her team, and they are able to solve this problem which has been bothering me for quite some time.

    I propose to our management team to install a side blower fan and exhaust roofing because the side blower fan will bring in fresh air to the production line and hot air trapped in the building will be suck out by the roofing fan. Eventually, the environment temperature is reduce by 33%”.

    En. Shukri

    (Engineer at Top Glove Corporation Berhad)
    Excellent Analysis and Continuous Support

    Excellent Analysis and Continuous Support

    “Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manaufacturing is a company related to Automotive Industry. The problem that we encounter is the heat inside our factory is unable to be exhausted effectively, thus affecting our worker’s working condition. We believe that quality services comes from a comfortable working area and morale of our worker. Before installing the ventilation system recommended by Tarmah Ventilation System Manufacturer, we do have an existing exhaust system but somehow, we found that the system does not efficiently exhaust hot air produced by our machine.

    Tarmah Ventilation System Manufacturer study and understand our current factory ventilation system and temperature, they provide us with a before & after results follow with several proposals. Now, we are using exhaust system to exhaust the heat produce inside our factory. After installing the exhaust fan, we may see the trapped hot air is removed. There is airflow when compare to the previous condition (before installation). The temperature is slightly reduced therefore we have plans for our next project to reduce temperature by installing air cooler. We will consider this plan in the future.”


    (Engineering Executive of Engineering Group, Manufacturing Division at Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn Bhd)



    Careful Research and Excellence Solution

    “Our company working environment was very hot before, but luckily, Ms. Shire Li & OKURMA Team introduce us a very good suggestion when we were looking for solutions. Her team understands our needs and they design an ideal solution that suits us best.

    After using the system for 2- 3 years, the whole environment feels very comfortable. The effect is good and the quality of the ventilation system is perfect. We are very satisfy with their service.”

    Mr. Koh (Gold Mart Sdn Bhd)


    Good Quality and Services

    “Previously my supermarket has been using other ventilation systems brands, but they constantly gives me various problems, so I felt very upset at that time. Looking at the garment factory next door, their ventilation system seems to have high quality. After inquiry, I try to connect OKURMA Ventilation and also started using their system.

    It has been 3 years, I found that it solves my problem and I am very satisfied with the services provided. So, I increase the installation of their ventilation system.”

    Mr. Gui (Pasaraya Top Opal)


    Energy saving, Easy maintenance

    “Currently, I am using OKURMA portable air cooler system. As we all know, grocery stores are small capital businesses. If we choose to install air-conditioning system, the power bill will be unbearable. After using Okurma portable air cooler, my grocery store has become cool and comfortable. The fan spins faster than normal fans and save energy as well.

    I occasionally move the air cooler to other occasions. It is very convenient and easy to maintain. Thank you Okurma.”

    Mr. Lim (Hon Yu)




    Good Response And Well Guidance

    “The seller was very responsible and they do follow ups when the consignment was returned to them due to postcode mistake. They also advise me on how to operate the item indoor and outdoor for optimal usage. Goods received in good condition. Tested and works well. No damage. Great product. Thank you, seller!”

    Ms. Scarletrose


    Good recommendation

    “Finally, I found the quality cooler that I have been searching for. Thank you for your recommendation.”

    Ms. Noraida Kamarudin


    Fast Delivery and Good Quality

    “Fast delivery, easy to use and install. Good quality, does not require much space.”

    Ms. Nurul Hidayah


    Good Design and Safe to Use

    “Very cool design. The safety net design keeps my child’s hand safe from the cooling system.”

    Mr. Izzan


    Feeling Good and Energy Saving

    “Refreshing feeling, and it’s true, the power consumption dropped.”

    Ms. Sze Min