OKM54-3TW Okurma Exhaust Cone Fan

    OKM54-3TW Okurma Exhaust Cone Fan

    In used of Germany bearing technology with high quality of 48-inch blades and FRP material.

    Extra Description

    • The king of exhaust fan
    • FRP exhaust cone fan
    • 100% made in Taiwan
    • RPM: 600
    • Using FAG Germany bearing
    • Air flow up to 50,000m³/ hour
    • Stainless steel screw material
    • Integrated fan SMC blades propeller
    • Using FRP material, artificial production (long fibers)
    • 2HP fan motor with motor overload protection
    • Power supply: 415V,50HZ
    • Run without belt, able to reduce the maintenance costs and improve your work efficiently.
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    Product Description



    • Voltage: 415V/3FA.50HZ
    • Power: 2HP
    • RPM: 600
    • Max. Airflow: 50,000 M3/H
    • Weight: 72 Kg
    • Dimension: 1460x1460x800mm
    • Noise: 78DB only


    • FAG Germany Bearing
    • Motor Overload Protection
    • Stainless Steel Screw Material
    • Using FRP Material
    • Artificial Production (Long Fibers)
    • Optimum Durability
    • The use of integrated fan 48-inch SMC 3 Blades Propeller
    • More Stable Exhaust Volume
    • Effects can be verified immediately