OKM-75 OKURMA Commercial Portable Cooling Machine (Air Cooler)

    OKM-75 OKURMA Commercial Portable Cooling Machine (Air Cooler)

    It is a stylish portable fast cooling machine with low energy consumption which combines a fan and cooling pad. The OKM-75 air cooler is easy to fit in any commercial activities such as Café, Restaurant, Outdoor activities and so on.

    Extra Description

    • Energy saving up to 70%
    • With function of negative ion oxygen bar, you will feel fresh all the time
    • Large air volume, up to 7500 cubic meters per hour
    • High-performance cooling pads
    • Effective area: 40-60M²
    • Wide angle air supply (automatic swing left and right)
    • Water inlet float valve
    • Air outlet safety net
    • High-capacity water tank: up to 60 liters
    • Time setting (hourly shutdown function)
    • A professional entity company with more than 15 years experience.
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    Product Description



    • Power Supply: 220 – 240V     
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Power: 310W
    • Max. Airflow: 7,500 M3/H
    • Fan Speed: 3 Speed
    • Covering Area: 30 – 60m2   
    • Water Tank: 60L
    • Water Consumption: 4 – 6L/H
    • Net Weight: 32Kg
    • Dimension: 860x490x1400mm


    • Reliable Quality
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • Speed Adjustable
    • Automatically swing diffuser
    • Big water tank
    • No installation, no duct work design
    • Easy to use, easy to clean


    • Value-added and energy saving up to 75%
    • Portable
    • Strong cold wind
    • Provide after-sales service guarantee
    • Suitable for commercial & industrial used
    • No installation required
    • Fast Cooling